It is estimated that over 50% of American adults grind or clench their teeth. This is typically caused by stress and often occurs during sleep. Most patients are not even aware that they are clenching and/or grinding, but it can be very destructive to the teeth and can cause severe wear and tear over time. Additionally, patients can experience severe pain in their temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and jaw muscles, as a result of grinding and clenching.

Night Guards Can Reduce Pain and Wear Caused by TMJ and Grinding Teeth

dental patient inserting mouth guard / night guard for TMJ treatment.

A night guard (aka bite guard/occlusal guard/bite splint) is a protective device worn on either the upper or the lower teeth that protects the teeth from a grinding or clenching habit. The bite guard is made by first taking impressions of both the upper and lower teeth as well as a “bite registration,” which allows us to reproduce how the upper and lower teeth fit together in a very precise way. The bite guard is made of a hard, clear acrylic material that is able to withstand the tremendous forces of your bite. This drastically reduces and often completely eliminates the agonizing pain caused by a grinding or clenching habit.