Dental Crowns and bridges can be made of multiple different materials. Dr. Manduzzi generally prefers to use an amazingly strong ceramic material called zirconia, which is both aesthetic and strong enough to withstand virtually any amount of biting force. All crowns we provide for our patients are made in the USA with the most advanced materials and technology available today.

Dental Crowns

visual depiction of a dental crown

A crown is sometimes referred to as a dental cap because it acts to “cap” or protect the tooth from breaking, or it can be used to properly restore a tooth once is has broken. There are multiple scenarios when a tooth might need a crown; for instance, after a root canal has been done. In many cases there will be a large portion of the tooth that’s missing because of the cavity or traumatic fracture that caused the root canal to be needed and the tooth is more apt to break without a crown.

Teeth that frequently need a crown have often been filled numerous times previously and have a large portion of the tooth replaced by filling material, which causes the tooth structure around the filling to be thin like a shell around the big filling, which weakens it and makes it more apt to break. The tooth is then reshaped to allow the crown to cap and protect the tooth, which distributes the forces of your bite over the whole tooth versus hitting on the same compromised spot repeatedly, which could cause the tooth to break. Crowns can also be done on front teeth to make an otherwise unsightly tooth or teeth more aesthetically pleasing.

Dental Bridges

A bridge is a viable way to replace a missing tooth or a few missing teeth. A bridge is essentially like two crowns on either side of a missing tooth with a fake tooth fused between them that rests on the missing tooth site. The missing tooth is replaced by anchoring it to its two neighboring teeth.

dental bridges from the side