Smiling patients after choosing Bioclear veneers with Dr. Manduzzi!

When a person chips or gets a cavity in a front tooth, it is important that the issue can be repaired quickly and easily, and in a cosmetic way that is not noticeable. The material used in cosmetic bonding procedures is known as composite resin. It is also good to note that composites are available in a wide spectrum of shades to match any tooth shade from dark to light. Your new bonded teeth will be a perfect match with your current smile!

Bioclear™ Composite Veneers

Bioclear™ is a more specialized way of using composite materials to improve the cosmetic nature of your smile.

Bioclear™ treatment is a great way to beautify your smile. Bioclear™ is unique because it is non-invasive to minimally-invasive, meaning, in most cases, we are only adding to the tooth and not removing any tooth structure at all. This is a great option for people who want to eliminate spaces or gaps between their teeth as well as “black triangles” near the gum line. It can also just be a way to change the shape of the teeth and rejuvenate your smile. You can come in with spaces and leave without them – same day results!

Bioclear™ treatment is accomplished by using thin, clear, plastic matrices, or forms, that come in all different shapes and sizes with different amounts of curvature to fit various clinical situations and circumstances. The Bioclear™ matrices slide underneath the gum line and when the composite material is injected into the plastic matrix, it adheres to the tooth and follows the shape of the matrix, which changes the shape of the tooth. This gives the tooth a very natural profile and is also friendly to the gums.

Dr. Manduzzi is one of only a very small percentage of dentists in the entire country that offers this treatment. The technique requires specialized education, rigorous hands-on training, and truly is “cutting edge.” Dr. Manduzzi has lots of “Before & After” cases he is very proud of, and would be happy to show you during a consultation.